Mecs Eliminated on the Money Bubble

Mate Mecs eliminated on the bubble

Over on the feature table, Matthew Ireland raised to 10,000 in middle position and Petter Kaarstad called from the hijack. Mate Mecs pushed all in for 32,000 in the cutoff and both Ireland and Kaarstad called.

The flop fell :::jc:::jd:::5d and both players checked to the :::2s on the turn. Ireland checked again and Kaarstad put in bet of 20,000 which got Ireland to fold. Once the action was completed at the other tables, the two hands were tabled.

Kaarstad turned over :::5h:::5c for a full house while Mecs was drawing dead with :::ac:::kh. The :::tc on the river was just a formality and Mecs was eliminated on the money bubble.

Petter Kaarstad285,000121,500
Mate Mecs0-53,000