Meijer Runs Into Grysbaek’s House

Frank Meijer

Frank Meijer raised to 11,000 from middle position and Martin Grysbaek called from the cutoff. The board ran out :::As:::8s:::2x:::Th:::2s and Meijer kept firing on all streets, with an all-in barrel on the river. Grysbaek called every street off.

Meijer had :::Js:::9s for the rivered flush but Grysbaek had him crushed with :::8x:::8x for a full house to send the Dutchman packing.

With Meijer’s exit, 54 players remain and play will be hand-over-hand until the bubble bursts.

Martin Grysbaek 510,000 294,400
Frank Meijer 0 -175,000