Mellanen’s Stack Melted; Miracle Triple Up Follows

With the board showing :::Ac:::9s:::2s:::8d:::4c, Kasper Mellanen checked to John Farrell in the cutoff and called a bet of 65,000. Farrell showed :::4d:::4h for a set on the river and Mellanen mucked in disgust, he was left with a mere 10,000.

Mellanen jammed first to act in the next hand and was called by Andrew Whitehouse in the small blind and Patrick Clarke in the big blind. The remaining two active players checked the {10h}:::5c:::5d flop and Whitehouse check-folded the :::Js turn to a bet of 10,000.

Mellanen revealed his :::Kd:::9d and needed a queen, as Clarke had flopped trips with :::8c:::5h. Indeed, the :::Qs came on the river and the Finn remained in with 50 left. The table will move over to the live stream feature table after a 15-minute break.

Sean Foley520,00040,000
John Farrell460,00090,000
Julien Kron450,000130,000
Andrew Whitehouse240,00097,100
Patrick Clarke240,0000
Kasper Mellanen35,000-230,000