Mertens and Rummukainen Tangle

Eric Mertens opened to 600 in middle position and Olli Rummukainen defended from the big blind. The flop came :::8h:::5c:::3d and Rummukainen checked to Mertens who bet 500. Rummukainen check-raised to 1,500 only to have Mertens re-raise to 4,100. Rummukainen called and the :::jc landed on the turn.

Both players checked this time and the :::5s completed the board. Rummukainen tossed in a small bet of 3,000 and Mertens thought for a minute before looking him up. Rummukainen tabled :::9h:::9c and Mertens nodded in approval before mucking his cards.

Olli Rummukainen41,700
Eric Mertens18,300-9,700