Miracle Runner-Runner Saves Eckert

Jan Eckert

Roberto Morra raised to 60,000 from middle position, Jan Eckert three-bet shoved 590,000 on the button and Morra snap-called.

Jan Eckert: :::Kc:::Tc
Roberto Morra: :::Kd:::Ks

Eckert was in dire straights and needed tens or clubs if he was to survive. The :::6h:::5h:::6c flop provided one club, the :::3c on the turn the second and the :::Ac on the river completed the backdoor miracle. Eckert doubled to 1,265,000 while Morra slipped to 895,000.

Jan Eckert1,265,000485,000
Roberto Morra885,000-880,000