More for Koivisto After Aces Versus Kings Setup

Szabolcs Vari raised and eventually four-bet all in for around 50,000 when facing a three-bet to 11,000 by table neighbor Henri Koivisto and the snap-call of the Finn followed in a heartbeat.

Szabolcs Vari: :::Kc:::kd
Henri Koivisto: :::Ad:::Ah

There was no surprise on the {10d}:::8d:::7s:::Qc{10s} board and Koivisto scored the knockout while adding a decent portion to his stack.

Also no longer in contention: Adrian "NMPfan", which reduced the field to the last 28 hopefuls.

Henri Koivisto145,00020,000
Szabolcs Vari0-40,000
Adrian Nica0-45,000