More for Niskanen and Vaaraniemi

Raul Olarescu raised to 650 in the cutoff and Tuomo Niskanen three-bet to 2,000 from one seat over on the button, which Olarescu called. The flop came :::Kc:::Jd{10c} and Olarescu checked, which triggered a successful continuation bet of 1,800 by Niskanen.

One table over, Alexandru Strugut raised to 750 and picked up no fewer than four callers including Elias Vaaraniemi in the small blind. The five players checked the :::As{10h}:::3d flop and Vaaraniemi also checked the :::Ad turn. Strugut bet 500 and was called by Kalman Dohany. Markus Lehtinen raised to 2,000 on the button and Vaaraniemi then check-raised to 6,400 after carefully counting out the chips to do so. What followed was a buzz killer, as all opponents sent their cards into the muck to award the pot to Vaaraniemi.

Tuomo Niskanen55,0003,000
Ana Raluca Bulboaca50,00050,000
Elias Vaaraniemi40,000-2,000
Cathal Shine30,00030,000
Alexandru Strugut28,00028,000
Markus Lehtinen27,00027,000
Kalman Dohany27,0003,000
Raul Olarescu12,000-3,000