More Jams; No Bustouts

Julien Kron raised to 200,000 with the :::7h:::7s and Mick McCloskey jammed for nine big blinds early into the new level with :::7d:::7c. Kron called and the chop was already guaranteed after the :::Ah:::Qd:::Qc flop.

Keith Brennan then jammed an ace to claim the blinds and antes.

David Schable moved all in for 965,000 with the {10h}{10c} and Kron reluctantly folded the :::Kh:::Js.

Paul Jux Holderness4,880,000-210,000
Julien Kron2,900,000100,000
Keith Brennan1,055,00055,000
David Schable980,000140,000
Mick McCloskey970,000-50,000