Moumahdi Coolered Out of Main Event

On a :::jd:::qd:::kc flop Yacine Moumahdi moved all in for around 120,000 and was called by Kurt Bjorkland.

Moumahdi showed :::ks:::kh for a set of kings, but let out a cry of dismay when Bjorklund showed :::ac:::tc for a flopped straight.

Bjorklund implored the board to pair but the :::8h:::9s river didn’t help and he was eliminated.

Meanwhile Vladimir Nex is sitting on over 400,000 in chips with just four tables remaining in the Main Event.

Vladimir Nex425,000205,000
Kurt Bjorklund260,000
Asmo Votkin180,00040,000
Charles Lefrancois145,000102,000
Juho Jaaskelainen90,000
Betrand Dumont60,000
Marinel Oros55,00010,000
Mark Ferrier25,000-15,000
Yacine Moumahdi0