Nalinnes Over 100,000

Jonathan Elaut raised to 1,100 from under the gun and was called by Tom Dingenen in mid-position and Adrian Nica in the big blind.

They all checked when the 7♥7♦A♥ fell on the flop. The turn brought them the 9♠ and Nica checked again. Elaut bet 2,000 and both Dingenen and Nica folded.

A few hands later, Joselito Nalinnes raised to 900 from the button and Nica three-bet to 3,500. Elaut quickly folded his big blind and Nalinnes glimpsed once more at his cards. For a while, it looked like he was going to fold but he opted to call in the end.

The flop came Q♦8♥T♦, Nica continued with a bet of 3,000 which Nalinnes called.

The turn was the 7♦ and now both players checked.

The A♥ on the river completed the board, Nica checked for the last time. Nalinnes bet 7,100 and Nica folded after taking a few seconds to consider his options. Nalinnes took down the pot and has now accumulated just over 100,000.