Nataly Sopacuaperu New Unibet Open Head of Events

Nataly Sopacuaperu

Nataly Sopacuaperu

Before joining Unibet, Nataly worked in digital PR in the film, music and gaming industry. In 2009 a friend of hers at the legal department of Unibet asked her if she would be interested to work at the online gaming company since there were an opening. Nataly choose to take on the challenge and throughout the years she has learned various skills within the gaming industry, thanks to her versatile role as an account manager. With four years of gaming experience under her belt, it was time for a new change and challenge so here we are.

Congrats with your new position within the Unibet Open team – can you introduce yourself briefly to the big audience?

My name is Nataly Sopacuaperu and I am the new Head of Events. A lot of people might recognize me as the Dutch Key Account Manager at previous Unibet Opens. I am super excited to take on this role and look forward to meet all the old and new players in the upcoming season.

How did you discover poker and how would you rate your own skills as a player?

I first got in touch with poker during the Unibet Open Algarve in 2009. I was immediately fascinated by all these players who kept talking to each other about poker, sharing their views and reviewing hands. What struck me was the passion for the game that each player had at the Unibet Open, no matter where they were coming from.

Although I had some training in poker, I decided to read the book “Harrington on Hold’em” to get a feel for the game and the terminology. I wanted to understand what the Unibet poker players were talking about. Soon the Dutch Unibet Poker Pro Team found out and decided to stake me in the Ladies event during Unibet Open Budapest 2010. I’m quite competitive and don’t like losing, so I was soon trying to find ways to improve my game. My passion for the game grew gradually and I’m now totally in love with it. I play a bit online and also offline, but have had no major cashes. I’ll focus on organizing the best possible events for now.

What was your motivation to apply for this position?

The Unibet Open is one of the coolest events in the industry and the greatest environment to work in and I love to be a part of it. During my previous job I met a lot of players and hosted a part of the Unibet Open. I thought it would be great to step up and take up the role of Head of Events and be responsible for the whole event. It is a versatile role in a different way, but the great thing is that I will still be working with the Unibet players. The spirit between the players, and the staff, is so friendly and passionate and now I will have the best of both worlds.

Ewa Kwiatkowska made the Unibet Open grow and ensured that the event is popular both for the professional and leisure players. Looking back at her work, what are the things you will take with you in your role?

The Unibet spirit is definitely the one that I am going to bring with me, an environment where the professional and recreational players come together with the staff and share their passion for the game during the live events. Furthermore good quality, fun and lots of excitement. Ewa was able to keep the spirit up and surprise the players and the media time after time.

The first stop of the season has already been announced and will be Copenhagen, what can you reveal about the first Unibet Open leg in Denmark?

Our mission it still the same: to organize the Unibet Open FOR the players and make sure that every single player enjoys the event. We are very excited to finally be hosting an event in Scandinavia, where we will take over Copenhagen for four days with the best poker event in Europe! We will combine that with a Live Betting Championship and a Casino Challenge, two events loved by the players. We will also be adding a more interactive experience, but you’ll be hearing more about that and the whole next season very soon!