Nebel Drags a Monster; Claims Chip Lead

Joachim Kleiven opened the action from late position, Sidsel Nebel three-bet from the blinds and Kleiven called. The flop was :::Kc:::Jh:::Ts and Nebel checked as the preflop reraiser.

Kleiven bet 11,000, but Nebel had a trick up her sleeve as she check-raised to 27,000. Without much ado, Kleiven announced all in and put his stack of around 80,000 across the line.

Nebel gave it around ten seconds of thought before calling it off, creating the biggest pot of Day 1a.

Joachim Kleiven: :::Qd:::9s
Sidsel Nebel: :::Kd:::Jd

"Good luck," a jovial Kleiven pipped and he gave Nebel a fist bump.

However, everything changed on the :::Jc turn. Mortified, Kleiven let out a shriek, realizing he was drawing dead just like that. The :::Js on the river was icing on the cake, as Nedel improved to quad jacks to send Kleiven packing.

Sidsel Nebel 250,000 250,000
Joachim Kleiven 0 -55,000