Nedelcu’s Stack Gets Chopped Up

Stefan Fabian and Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu have been eliminated, the latter as part of a three-way all in.

Adrian Nica had raised and Nedelcu shoved from one seat over for around 12 big blinds. Tymur Kasilov reraised to 22,000 and then got it in against Nica.

Adrian Nica: :::Ad:::Kd
Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu: :::Kh:::Qc
Tymur Kasilov: :::Ah:::Ks

The board came {10d}:::8c:::2c:::As:::9d and Nedelcu’s stack was chopped up.

Tymur Kasilov90,00010,000
Adrian Nica70,00070,000
Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu0-38,000
Stefan Fabian0-62,800
Dan Cristian0-62,200
Vesa Kekalainen0-67,000
Daniel Aberg0-82,600
Valentin Dobrescu0-37,800