Nine New Players for Day 1c

The satellite side event has just concluded with 9 players surviving to win a ticket to Day 1c starting in just under an hour.

1Rodrigo CuizonPhilippines€1,100 Ticket
2Matthew EardleyUnited Kingdom€1,100 Ticket
3Augusto EvangelistiIreland€1,100 Ticket
4Zoltan HegyiHungary€1,100 Ticket
5Gerard HickeyIreland€1,100 Ticket
6Kajetan OreckiPoland€1,100 Ticket
7Rait RimmelEstonia€1,100 Ticket
8Reg RowanIreland€1,100 Ticket
9Gary StokesIreland€1,100 Ticket
10Darren McBreartyIreland€450