Nordli Rivers the Nuts

In a battle of the blinds, Oystein Nordli check-called a bet of 5,500 by Sean Foley on the :::Jc:::8h:::6c:::5d turn and then bet the :::7d river for 10,000.

"Can you show me how much you have behind?" Foley asked and Nordli removed his hands to reveal around 10,000 behind. Foley then called and Nordli rolled over {10d}:::9s for the nut straight, while Foley mucked his :::Ks:::Kd in disgust.

The same table also features Jack Sinclair, who entered after busting the €2,200 High Roller before the money. Seamus Cahill cashed and invested a portion of that for the entry of Day 1a of the Main Event also, but has been reduced to one third of the starting stack one table over from Sinclair.

The €2,200 High Roller is still in heads-up and Valentin Cristea has taken over a narrow lead. He was all in with :::Ac:::Qc against the {10s}{10c} of Benny Glaser and spiked the :::Ad on the river.

Sean Foley55,00055,000
Jack Sinclair48,50048,500
Oystein Nordli45,00045,000
Seamus Cahill11,00011,000
Paul Jux Holderness0