Nut Flush For Vaka

The flop was down :::5c:::7c:::2c and the player from the small blind checked. Mihai Ciubotaru bet 2,100 into a 3,600 and only Monica Vaka from the cutoff called.

The turn fell the :::5h, and Vaka called a 3,500 bet from Ciubotaru.

After the river was revealed to be the :::as, Ciubotaru bet 6,000 and Vaka went into the tank.

"Do you have a set?" asked Vaka after a minutes thought, but Ciubotaru remained silent.

After another minute passed the Unibet ambassador made the call.

Ciubotaru tabled :::ad:::jc for two pair, but it wasn’t enough to win the pot after Vaka showed :::ac:::kc for the nut flush.

Monica Vaka 52,000 22,000