Oerjahn Winther Eliminated in 11th Place (€6,275)

Oerjahn Winther

Oerjahn Winther saw his stack reduced significantly and the Swede didn’t win any major pot since the dinner break. Down to just 180,000, he moved all in from the button. Cristian grecu called in the small blind to set up the following showdown:

Oerjahn Winther: :::9c:::8c
Cristian Grecu: :::Ad:::Jh

The :::Qs:::Js:::4h flop gave Grecu middle pair while Winther had some outs with the gutshot. Neither the :::3s on the turn nor the :::Jc river helped the Swede and he had to settle for 11th place and €6,275.

Cristian Grecu1,700,000200,000
Oerjahn Winther0-340,000