Oghabian Doubles Up Through Tusnea

Milad Oghabian had 9,000 laying in front of him and Mihai Tusnea had 30,000 in front of him. There were no community cards on the board yet and the Oghabian had to make a decision. The Dutchman decided to raise all in for a total of 78,000 and Tusnea snap-called.

Milad Oghabian: :::Ah:::Qd
Mihai Tusnea: :::Kh:::Kd

The board ran out :::Qh:::Ad:::9c:::5h:::5s and Oghabian hit his ace to score a big double up. Tusnea walked away from the table to take a breath before returning to his stack of still over 50 big blinds.

Oghabian started stacking his chips after winning the pot worth over 120 big blinds.

Milad Oghabian 160,000
Mihai Tusnea 70,000 -96,000