Ojala Flops a Set to Stay Alive

The action folded to Serdar Demircan who made it 17,000 to go on the button. Toni Ojala pushed his stack of 82,000 into the middle from the big blind and Demircan couldn’t get the chips in fast enough.

Toni Ojala: :::js:::jc
Serdar Demircan: :::ad:::ks

The flop came :::jh:::9d:::7d and Ojala grabbed a stranglehold on the hand with a set of jacks. The :::qs on the turn gave Demircan a straight draw but the :::3s on the river ensured Ojala of a double up.

Serdar Demircan285,00080,000
Toni Ojala173,00094,000