O’Kearney Survives; Winther Loses Some

Dara O’Kearney ended up forced all in with the :::9h:::3d in the big blind and hit a nine on the flop versus :::Ad:::2h to remain in contention.

In the meanwhile, some bigger pots took place without any major action or significance.

Oerjahn Winther, who has spent the entire day with reading books while playing, lost two pots in a row to drop below half a million in chips. In the second hand, he bet the :::Kc:::7s:::5s:::7c:::7d river for 27,000. Gilles Huet reluctantly called and won the pot with :::6c:::6s versus :::5h:::4h.

Oerjahn Winther440,000395,000
Gilles Huet295,00065,000
Dara O’Kearney21,000-29,000