Oliver White Eliminated in 5th Place (£16,000)

Oliver White

Oliver White moved all in for 130,000 with the :::5h:::5d and Andreas Wiborg called on the button with the :::Ac:::Ts, as did Jonathan Schuman in the small blind with :::Jd:::9c and Honglin Jiang in the big blind with :::6d:::2d.

The flop of :::Td:::4d:::3d flop brought a check from Schuman, a ber of 150,000 by Jiang and a call of Wiborg, Schuman folded. The :::8s turn brought a bet of 625,000 by Jiang and Wiborg snap-folded his top pair. White knew he was drawing dead and left his chair before the :::3s river completed the board.

White takes home £16,000 for his efforts and the final table has now been reduced to the final four.

Honglin Jiang3,535,500710,500
Jonathan Schuman3,030,000-220,000
Christopher Yong2,335,000130,000
Andreas Wiborg1,380,000-470,000
Oliver White0-190,000