Per Helge Gassand Eliminated in 12th Place (€5,450)

Per Helge Gaassand

Paul Jux Holderness raised to 50,000 with the :::Kh:::Kc and Per Helge Gassand called all in from the small blind with the :::7c:::3h, Keith Brennan stuck around in the big blind with :::8h:::6c. Brennan flopped a pair on :::9h:::8d:::5s to check-call a continuation bet, but he then check-folded the {10c} turn to a second bet by Jux Holderness.

Gassand had picked up more outs to survive another day in the last hand of the night, but the :::Qs river was of no help to send the Norwegian to the rail in 12th place for €5,450. All remaining players will now bag up for the night and return at noon local time to play down to a champion.

The full chip counts and a recap of today’s action are to follow.

Keith Brennan1,125,00025,000
Paul Jux Holderness1,080,000262,000
Per Helge Gassand0-84,000