Piironen Gets Value with Ace-King

This time, it was Henri Piironen who got an :::Ad:::Kh and he raised to 55,000 from middle position. Julien Stropoli defended his small blind with :::9h:::9s.

The :::Ah:::Td:::7h flop gave Piironen top pair and he bet 60,000. Stropoli check-called with his pocket nines.

On the :::8d turn, Stropoli picked up a straight draw to go with his nines and he checked. The wet board prompted a second bet from Piironen worth 165,000. Stropoli stared at the board and his opponent before sliding in another call.

The :::7c on the river gave Piironen the checkmark and Stropoli checked a third time. Piironen reached for chips, then decided against it and checked behind to win the hand.