Price Bests Kristoffersson

Daniel Price called the shove of Paul Kristoffersson with the :::9c:::9s and had a flip against :::Ac:::Jh. The board came :::Qd:::7d:::6d:::9d:::Js and Price turned a set of nines to secure the knockout.

Dan Murariu and Martin Soukup were also among those to bow out, failing to add another Unibet Open title to their poker resume.

Daniel Price85,00056,000
Antti Tiainen0-34,600
Dan Murariu0-27,400
Paul Kristoffersson0-40,000
Martin Soukup0-37,300
Toby Locke0-48,300
Mikko Koponen0-84,600
Gunnar Wedde0-62,400
Zoltan Boszormenyi0-25,300
Trevor Dineen0-59,400