Puumala Takes Down Spasov

Unibet Poker Ambassador David Lappin raised from the under the gun position to 8,500. It folded to Veli Puumala on the button who called Lappin’s raise. Big blind Simeon Spasov had different things in mind as he moved all in for 52,500. Lappin took his time and started staring at Spasov. After a couple of minutes, Lappin let go of his hand. Puumala ended up calling.

Veli Puumala: :::8c:::7c
Simeon Spasov: :::9s:::9c

Puumala had to come from behind and flopped a gutshot straight draw on the :::5c:::3h:::9h board while Spasov flopped top set. The turn was the :::6d and Puumala hit his straight and only needed to fade a pair on the board. The river was the :::8s and with that Puumala eliminated Spasov from the Main Event.

Veli Puumala 140,000 21,500
David Lappin 110,000 7,000
Simeon Spasov 0 -57,000