Radulescu Jams Into Sabau

Sorin Radulescu faced a raise to 7,000 by Razvan Sabau and three-bet to 21,000 in the small blind, Sabau called. On the :::As:::Jc:::3c flop, Radulescu check-called a bet of 22,000 and did so again for 55,000 on the :::2c turn.

Radulescu then jammed the :::Jd river for around 140,000 and Sabau was sent into the think tank. The clock was called on him and one minute ran down without any decision, his hand was declared dead. Radulescu flashed :::Ac:::Qc and dragged in the massive pot.

Sorin Radulescu340,000120,000
Razvan Sabau170,00077,500