Robert Vukovic Eliminated in 2nd Place (€56,500)

Robert Vukovic

Robert Vukovic raised to 625,000 with the :::Ah:::Qs and Marius Pertea called with :::Kc:::6c to see the flop of :::Kh{10c}:::6d and Pertea checked. Vukovic made it 400,000 to go and Pertea gave him a brief stare before making the call.

On the :::5s turn, Pertea checked once more and Vukovic bet 1.1 million, which Pertea again called.

The :::9c fell on the river and Pertea checked the third street in a row. Vukovic emptied the clip by moving all in for around 2.8 million and Pertea quickly called and a gutted Vukovic turned over his ace-high bluff while Pertea turned over the two pair and started celebration with a big smile on the face.

Vukovic was eliminated in 2nd place for €56,500 after having declined a deal prior to the start of the heads-up. Pertea claimed back-to-back Romanian titles for the Unibet Open Main Event in Bucharest and takes home the trophy and a firs-place payout of €90,925.

A recap of today’s action is to follow.

Marius Pertea15,150,0005,550,000
Robert Vukovic0-5,550,000