Robert Vukovic Eliminated in 2nd Place (€56,500)

Robert Vukovic

Robert Vukovic raised to 625,000 with the and Marius Pertea called with to see the flop of {10c} and Pertea checked. Vukovic made it 400,000 to go and Pertea gave him a brief stare before making the call.

On the turn, Pertea checked once more and Vukovic bet 1.1 million, which Pertea again called.

The fell on the river and Pertea checked the third street in a row. Vukovic emptied the clip by moving all in for around 2.8 million and Pertea quickly called and a gutted Vukovic turned over his ace-high bluff while Pertea turned over the two pair and started celebration with a big smile on the face.

Vukovic was eliminated in 2nd place for €56,500 after having declined a deal prior to the start of the heads-up. Pertea claimed back-to-back Romanian titles for the Unibet Open Main Event in Bucharest and takes home the trophy and a firs-place payout of €90,925.

A recap of today’s action is to follow.

Marius Pertea15,150,0005,550,000
Robert Vukovic0-5,550,000