Roeder and Ireland Battle in the Blinds

Matthew Ireland limped in from the small blind and Tonio Roeder made it 105,000 in the big blind. Ireland called and the flop came :::as:::jh:::tc. Ireland checked to Roeder who continued for 125,000 and Ireland called.

The turn brought the :::2c and Ireland checked again. Roeder counted out another bet of 220,000 and Ireland still called. The river was the :::4h and Ireland checked for the third time. Roeder shipped all in for 385,000 and Ireland hung his head with a big decision to make.

Ireland went into the tank for nearly three minutes before making the call. Roeder showed :::js:::jc for a set of jacks while Ireland showed :::ad:::2s for two pair.

Tonio Roeder1,750,0001,020,000
Matthew Ireland605,000-955,000