Roeder Makes the Right Call

Tonio Roeder raised it up to 2,600 in middle position and was called by Steinar Knutsen in the cutoff and Anders Ostrowski in the big blind. The flop came :::ks:::9c:::3s and the action checked to Knutsen who bet 7,000. Ostrowski folded and Roeder called.

The turn was the :::tc and both players checked to the :::js on the river. Roeder checked once more and Knutsen flicked in a bet of 10,000. It wasn’t enough to scare away Roeder as he made the call. Knutsen reluctantly showed :::ah:::5h while Roeder held :::kd:::7d for top pair.

Tonio Roeder137,00071,000
Steinar Knutsen103,000-4,000