Roei Motola Eliminated in 10th Place (€8,900)

Roei Motola

Eli Heath raised to 125,000 from the 125,000 from the hijack and Roei Motola, who had just been moved to this table not long ago, shoved for 625,000 from the button. Heath engaged in some table chat and eventually called to put Motola at risk.

Roei Motola: :::Ah{10d}
Eli Heath: :::As:::9h

The flop of {10c}:::9s:::4d gave both players a pair, but the :::9c on the turn made for an upset as Heath improved to trips. A blank :::2d river set up the nine-handed final table, while one hand was still played on the outer table. Motola takes home €8,900 for his efforts.

Eli Heath3,900,0001,405,000
Roei Motola0-685,000