Roger Hairabedian Bubbles Unibet Open Paris

Alexey Dmitriev and Florence Allera limped and Omar Lakhdari raised to 56,000. Roger Hairabedian was already all in from the big blind. Dmitriev and Allera both called.

The flop came :::6s:::3h:::4h and Dmitriev checked. Allera moved all in for 195,000. Lakhdari and Dmitriev both folded and the cards were turned over.

Allera showed :::3d:::3s for a set and was ahead of the :::ah:::jd of Hairabedian. The turn was the :::8s and the river the :::9d and the veteran French poker player was eliminated short of the money.

Omar Lakhdari575,000-5,000
Florence Allera350,00080,000
Alexey Dmitriev220,000-120,000
Roger Hairabedian0-53,000