Ruxandescu Busts to van Belzen

On the :::Qs:::Jc:::7h flop, Iulian Georgian Ruxandescu checked and Jeroen van Belzen checked behind. The :::3h appeared on the turn, and Ruxandescu checked. Back on van Belzen, who bet 4,000 into a pot of 6,000. Ruxandescu then check-raised all in for 31,400 and that sent van Belzen into the think tank.

"If you have a set, why would you jam?" the Dutchman said, then eventually called one minute later.

Iulian Georgian Ruxandescu: :::6h:::5h
Jeroen van Belzen: :::Kd:::Qh

The :::2c on the river blanked and the Romanian was gone.

Jeroen van Belzen95,00027,000
Iulian Georgian Ruxandescu00