Schinkel and McMillan Chop the No-Outer

Scott McMillan raised from early position from a short stack. Action folded to Maurice Schinkel in the small blind, who moved all in with his last 17 big blinds. 2011 Unibet Open Riga champion Peter Harkes came over the top all-in from the big blind and McMillan called as well.

McMillan and Schinkel both held :::Tx:::Tx, while Harkes just needed to hit with :::Ax:::Qx to knock out both players. The board ran out :::2x:::4x:::5x:::Jx:::6x and all players stayed in.

Peter Harkes 40,000 40,000
Maurice Schinkel 23,000 6,000
Scott McMillan 20,000 20,000