Set for Drusca

Stefan Drusca raised to 65,000 with {10s}{10d} and Cristian Grecu called in the small blind with the :::Js:::9s, as did Traian Bostan with {10c}:::3c in the big blind. They checked the {10h}:::7c:::2s flop went checked through and the :::Qc came on the turn. Grecu took the lead with a bet of 120,000 and Bostan came along with a the pair and flush draw.

Drusca raised to 400,000 and Grecu reluctantly folded, as did Bostan, to see Drusca jump into the lead.

Stefan Drusca2,300,000410,000
Cristian Grecu2,000,000-255,000
Traian Bostan695,000-215,000