Shahar Doubles Through Ponomarev

Mihai Niste, Ionel Tanase and Jani Tuomaala have been eliminated, Ran Shahar avoided that fate and doubled through Nikolay Ponomarev.

Gilles Huet had opened to 9,000 and Shahar called in the cutoff, Ponomarev then raised to 33,000 on the button and was called only by Shahar. On the :::Ah:::8s:::4s flop, Shahar check-shoved for 118,000 into a bet of 23,000 by Ponomarev, who made the call.

Ran Shahar: :::Ac:::4c
Nikolay Ponomarev: {10h}{10d}

The :::3h turn and the :::8h river were blanks and Ponomarev had to forfeit a big portion of his stack.

Ran Shahar325,000250,000
Nikolay Ponomarev130,000-160,000
Mihai Niste0-80,000
Ionel Tanase0-24,400
Jani Tuomaala0-62,000