Shine and Wilkens Among Big Stacks

Cathal Shine was paid in full when turning a full house with pocket nines and nearly doubled his stack. Lee Egan sent Jorma Vuoksenmaa to the rail to boost his stack on a different table and Marc Wilkens is also among the bigger stacks right now.

Wilkens raised it up to 900 on the button and was called by Kevin Mathers in the small blind and Gabor Csire in the big blind. The flop came :::9d:::2h:::2c and Mathers checked, Csire did so too, which prompted a bet of 1,100 by Wilkens. Mathers quickly folded while Csire check-raised to 3,200. Wilkens came along and both players then checked down the :::6c turn and {10h} river.

Csire briefly showed his cards but couldn’t beat the :::Jh:::9h of Wilkens, who added a few more chips to his stack.

Marc Wilkens62,00062,000
Cathal Shine57,00027,000
Lee Egan55,00025,000
Kevin Mathers20,000-16,000
Mateusz Moolhuizen11,000-15,000
Jorma Vuoksenmaa0-40,000