Side Events in the Queue for Today

There are quite a few side events in the mix on today’s schedule. First up will be the €150 + €15 Pot Limit Omaha, as well as a the €80 + €10 #QUEENRULES (Ladies Event), both of which start at 1PM.

At 3PM, Day 1 of the €300 + €30 Unibet Super Stack gets going, and at 6PM the Invitational Unibet Community Freeroll starts. The room will get very loud at 7PM when the €45 + €5 Flipout XL kicks off. Yesterday’s €25 + €5 Flipout saw 12 rounds of action with a €2,400 total prize pool, so the XL version promises to be huge and loud.

The day ends with the €150 + €15 Irish Poker event at 8PM. Even for players who didn’t find a bag for Day 2 of the Main, there will still be lots of chances to play some cards today.