Simpson Sent to the Rail

Ian Simpson

Justin Devonport raised to 1,500 from middle position and saw Ian Simpson call from the small blind.

Heads-up to the :::kd:::5h:::qh flop and Simpson checked. Devonport bet 2,300, and after Simpson moved all in for 11,500, Devonport called.

Devonport held :::5c:::5d for bottom set, and Simpson needed help with :::8h:::6h for the flush draw.

However, the turn :::ac and river :::8s were no help to the Unibet ambassador Simpson and he hit the rail.

2018 Unibet UK Tour Manchester champion Devonport picked up the pot and moved up to 35,000.

Simpson will have one last opportunity to make Day 2, when the final starting flight, Day 1c Turbo begins at 8 pm.

Justin Devonport 35,000 35,000
Ian Simpson 0 -40,000