Small Pot for Wiborg

Jussi Vanhanen raised to 85,000 with the :::5h:::5s and Oliver White called with :::Qc:::Tc in the cutoff, as did Honglin Jiang in the big blind with :::Jd:::8d. The flop fell :::Ac:::7s:::4s and Vanhanen picked up the hand with a continuation bet.

Andreas Wiborg raised it up with the :::As:::6c and Christopher Yong called with the :::8h:::5h in the big blind. On a flop of :::Ah:::8d:::4d both players found a set and Yong check-called a bet of 65,000. The :::Qc turn went check, check, as was the :::Kc river, and Wiborg raked in the pot,

Christopher Yong2,790,000118,000
Honglin Jiang2,395,000-114,000
Andreas Wiborg1,915,00067,000
Jussi Vanhanen1,325,000157,000
Oliver White1,140,000-378,000
Jonathan Schuman915,000-173,000