Soukup Off to a Good Start

In a four-bet pot where both players stuck in 4,100 each preflop, Martin Soukup was heads-up with Marius Popescu. The flop fell :::jh:::3c:::2s and Popescu led out for 2,500 from under the gun. Soukup called and the :::tc landed on the turn.

Popescu thought for a minute before firing out another bet of 6,800. Soukup still called and the :::4h completed the board. Popescu went into the tank before finally tapping the table. Soukup also took his time but decided to check it back. Popescu showed :::kh:::6h while Soukup held :::qs:::qd to claim the pot.

Martin Soukup43,80013,800
Marius Popescu14,700