Soukup Takes a Solid Lead

A raise to 200,000 by Martin Soukup with the :::6h:::6s was followed by a three-bet to 700,000 by Marius Gicovanu, who had :::Ah:::Jd. Soukup called and the flop came :::9d:::4h:::2d, which prompted a continuation bet of 400,000 by Gicovanu. Soukup made the call and the :::4c followed on the turn.

Gicovanu fired a hefty second barrel worth 1,100,000 and that sent Soukup deep into the think tank. More than three minutes passed and Soukup then raised it up to 2,800,000 in order to force an instant fold from Gicovanu.

Martin Soukup7,730,0002,430,000
Marius Gicovanu3,270,000-2,430,000