Spicer and Cojocaru Double; Guiodo Busts

In the first hand, Jonathan Spicer doubled for 46,000 with the :::As:::Kd against the :::Ah:::Qc of Denis Ioan Poteras on a board of {10d}:::9h:::9d:::Kc:::Ad.

The very next hand, Iustin Cojocaru doubled with :::Ah:::Qc as Tristan Guiodo only had :::Ac{10d} and found no help on the :::5s:::3s:::3c:::Qh:::2d board.

Cojocaru then busted Guiodo and shoved into Florin Carmil Rusu the hand after on a flop of :::Jh:::6h:::4s. Rusu had invested 43,000 and folded to the shove of 131,500.

Florin Carmil Rusu240,000-130,000
Iustin Cojocaru220,000107,000
Jonathan Spicer100,00035,000
Denis Ioan Poteras90,000-45,000
Tristan Guiodo0-178,500