Stircu Eliminated

The new level had just started when Razvan Florian Stircu pushed from the button for 42,500. Ozgur Arda shoved from the small blind, and Ilan Buskila called all in for 1,000 less than Stircu in the big blind.

Ilan Buskila: :::Ac{10c}
Razvan Florian Stircu: :::Qh:::Jh
Ozgur Arda: :::As:::9h

The board ran out :::Jd:::9c:::4c:::2c:::4s and Buskila tripled, Stircu was eliminated one hand later.

Ilan Buskila130,00080,000
Ozgur Arda55,000-55,000
Razvan Florian Stircu0-58,000