Stop and Go Play from Demircan

Tonio Roeder raised it up to 85,000 in the cutoff and Serdar Demircan just called from the small blind. Deivis Rinkevicius three-bet to 310,000 in the big blind which got a quick fold from Roeder. Demircan took his time as usual as he counted out his chips before making the call.

The flop came :::qc:::jh:::2h and Demircan checked to Rinkevicius who checked it back. The :::7h landed on the turn and Demircan shoved all in for 570,000. Rinkevicius went into the tank for a couple of minutes but eventually laid down his hand.

Serdar Demircan1,315,000315,000
Deivis Rinkevicius1,200,000-530,000