Suominen Busts Ghafoor

Erno Suominen and Jessy Marillaud

Farook Ghafoor limped in, as did the small blind, and Erno Suominen then raised to 48,000. Only Ghafoor called and the flop came :::7d:::6c:::5s. Suominen bet 70,000 and Ghafoor called before the :::9h appeared on the turn.

Suominen checked, Ghafoor shoved for around 250,000 and the Finn eventually called.

Farook Ghafoor: {10h}:::9c
Erno Suominen: :::Ad:::Ah

The :::4h river bricked and Ghafoor was eliminated in 45th place.

Erno Suominen730,000285,000
Farook Ghafoor0-480,000