Susta With a Seven-Figure Stack After Eliminating Grimberg

Vojtech Susta has been on fire since the break. Last break he had 180,000 in chips and he now has a massive seven-figure chip leading stack of 1,050,000.

Susta’s stack was partially boosted thanks to recently eliminating Andrei Grimberg. Grimberg open-jammed for about 160,000 from early position and got a call by Susta from the button.

Andrei Grimberg: :::5d:::5s
Vojtech Susta: :::Js:::Jc

Grimberg stood up after he saw his Susta’s hand. He was eliminated in 48th place for €2,985 after he didn’t improve on the :::9c:::6d:::6c:::qs:::4h board.

The remaining 47 players are all guaranteed a payout of €3,140.

Vojtech Susta1,050,000220,000
Andrei Grimberg0-260,000