Tataru Doubles; Wilkens Busts

Iulian Tataru flipped with :::Ac:::Qd against the :::8h:::8c of Razvan Bizera and the board came :::Kd:::7h:::4h:::2d:::Qs to provide the help for Tataru on the river.

Shortly after, nearly identical-stacked Marc Wilkens and Gilles Huet ended up all in.

Marc Wilkens: :::Jh{10c}
Gilles Huet: :::As:::Jh

The board of :::Ad{10s}:::6d:::7h:::Ac gave Huet trips and the stacks were counted, Wilkens was covered by a small blind and bowed out in 25th place. There will now be a short break to redraw to the last three tables.

Gilles Huet360,000150,000
Iulian Tataru324,000154,000
Razvan Bizera280,000-130,000
Marc Wilkens0-125,000