Team Unibet is Chipping Up

Ian Simpson

Over on the feature table, Quentin Lecomte, Lisa Vannatta and David Lappin are still going strong while Ian Simpson and Dara O’Kearney chipped up on the outer tables. O’Kearned won chips off John Keown, who then got them all back, while Simpson knocked out Mihai Manole.

Manole had a miracle double against Barrie Pietersz with :::Kc:::Jd versus :::Ah:::Qh when he got it in on the :::Jh:::6h:::5h flop. The :::6s turn and :::6c river gave the Romanian a full house. Shortly after, he lost a flip with ace-king to the sixes of Simpson.

Ian Simpson205,00065,000
Greg King150,000-25,000
Quentin Lecomte150,00025,000
Dara O’Kearney130,00045,000
John Keown120,00088,000
Lisa Vannatta105,000-10,000
Jason Tompkins90,00015,000
David Lappin90,00027,000
Barrie Pietersz50,000-67,000
Mihai Manole0-68,000