The Luck of the Irish

The next Irishman ended up all in, it was Padraig O’Neill for exactly 6,000 in the big blind. Since he had to post the blind first, there was no big blind ante this time and five players limped. Again the active players checked down the entire board of :::Ks:::Jh:::5s:::9h:::6c.

Mihnea Potcoava tabled :::Js:::2c for a pair of jacks, Nicolae Suciu the :::Qc:::4s, Stefan Drusca had :::5c:::2d, Tomas Ksenevicius the {10h}:::7h – which he had exposed early when not all tables had finished yet. Who was left? O’Neill, and sure enough he had the winner in :::Kd:::Qs.

One hand later at the same table, Suciu jammed for 66,000 and Ksenevicius called on the button. No other table provided any showdown and again the crowd gathered at table five.

Nicolae Suciu: :::As:::Ah
Tomas Ksenevicius: :::Ad:::Qc

There were some groans on the rail and no drama happened, as the board of :::Js:::8c:::6h:::3s:::Jc secured the double for Suciu on the turn already.

Nicolae Suciu150,00045,000
Tomas Ksenevicius81,000-70,000
Padraig O’Neill36,00030,000