The Top Five Stacks from the Break, plus Updated Numbers

Unibet Chips

Here’s an update on some of the notable stacks in the room, as well as a look at the top five stacks as of the end of Level 2.

Total entries for Day 1b are now up to 114, with 111 stacks still in play.

John Dwyer88,00088,000
Jay O’Toole70,00070,000
Apostol Virgil Beg59,00059,000
Quail Vyacheslav55,00055,000
Cedric Freling52,00052,000
Ciaran Burke42,00010,000
Marco Herman42,00015,500
Monica Vaka40,00016,000
Filip Holmqvist36,1006,100
Philip Huxley35,0005,000
Jamie Nixon35,000-6,000
Ylva Thorsrud31,000-2,000
Daragh Davey30,00030,000
Stephen Kehoe30,0000
Charlotte Van Brabander28,000-4,000
David Lappin28,000-2,000
Przemyskaw Zieluski22,000-11,000
Dara O’Kearney21,900-7,100
Toby Locke16,000-14,000
Dehlia de Jong13,000-17,000
Matthew Ireland11,000-19,000
Mick McCloskey0-28,000